About Us

Stumped is an American film magazine that was founded in 1997. Bridging the gap between the most esoteric and academic film outlets like Cineaste and Film Comment and the celebrity focus of the most widely circulated entertainment magazines like People and US Weekly, Stumped has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable, literate and entertaining film magazine.

Founded in Chicago in 1997, Stumped quickly grew in size and vision. The most recent issue of Stumped enjoys an expansive American distribution in hundreds of locations nationwide and with a readership of approximately 52,000. This issue of Stumped can be found in select Borders and Barnes & Noble stores as well as at Superstand and FYE stores, on newsstands and in various independent bookstores throughout North America.

Stumped’s website, www.stumpedmagazine.com, draws over 80,000 unique users and one million hits per month. 1

America has been taking notice of Stumped’s features, exclusive celebrity photo shoots, reviews and unique interviewing style. Not only did Tower Records Magazines label Stumped the “Best Video Magazine of the New Millennium”2, but television, film and radio outlets such as National Public Radio (NPR), Turner Movie Classics, Disney, Sony Pictures, Access Hollywood, Tartan Films amongst others have turned to Stumped for quotes, excerpts, commentary, expertise and behind-the-scenes footage.

In 2007, Stumped’s Chris Neumer was one of two film writers who were quoted on the DVD box of the special edition release of the movie Cinderella.

Stumped has worked with clients such as Amazon.com, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Lionsgate Pictures, Universal Pictures, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Borders and Blue Man Group amongst many other companies to advertise their forthcoming DVD, Bluray and Theatrical releases and performances.

Should you have any questions about Stumped, wish to obtain back issues of the magazine or discuss advertising/promotional partnerships, please contact publisher Chris Neumer or editor Jackson Casey at 708.442.8209 or by email at chris@stumpedmagazine.com or jackson@stumpedmagazine.com.

We are extremely proud of all these achievements and are intently focused on the quality of the magazine, its content, graphic design and website as we proceed forward. As always, we thank you very kindly for reading!

1 Figures were taken from the average numbers compiled over a three month time period at the launch of www.stumpedmagazine.com

2 Tower Records Magazines gave Stumped this label in January of 2002