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It has everything to do with anything.

– Ben Stiller hits the nail on the head in Starsky & Hutch

The pill makes her crazy?  She is crazy.  The Pentagon should use her hormones for chemical warfare.

– Woody Allen recommends that a friend break up with his girlfriend in Anything Else

I’m still burning up.  Do you have any ice cubes I can rub on my nipples?

– James Duval needs to work on his pick-up lines in May

Give me a Scotch on the rocks, I’m starving.

-Robert Downey Jr. is, uh, hungry in Iron Man

North Hollywood is great for war stories.  A filmmaker’s first apartment is usually in North Hollywood.  It’s great to be to say, ‘Look, I suffered.  I lived in North Hollywood.’

– writer/director Brian Herzlinger shares his feelings on North Hollywood

[The future is hard to predict.] It isn’t ‘being’ yet; it’s in the future. If you ask me, “What do you know about last month?”, that I can tell you with a high degree of accuracy.

– Peter Guber details his ability to see forward and backward in time.  Read more…

The problem is that I sometimes start to answer the same question differently.  I get so bored, I go, “Well, yeah, blah blah blah. Fuck it.” And it’s terrible, because at one of the important interviews I ended up just talking shit, I couldn’t help myself.

– Matthew Vaughn discusses the perils of doing junkets.  Read more here.

“Oh my God, Karen!  You can’t just ask people why they’re white!”

– Lacey Chabert brings up a little known bit of social etiquette in Mean Girls

The studio was like, “Who is this guy? He’s done nothing and he’s not financially viable. His movies are weird and dark and his characters are always bad?”

-Josh Lucas explains his less-than-stellar reputation to the studios.  Read more of Lucas’ interview.

I smoke so much, I’m not running out of cigarettes, I’m running out of lighters.

-Thomas Lennon puts things in perspective on a commentary track for Reno 911.  Read the interview with Thomas Lennon.

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